15/09/2017 10:31 SAST | Updated 15/09/2017 10:31 SAST

HuffPost Friday Fun Five: From The Creepy 80s Clown To White Giraffes

Wacky, weird and wonderful stories from this week that you just can't miss.

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1. A video posted on YouTube shows Kai Lewis of Britain's Football Road Trips sitting on a bus with some friends and running through a dozen accents. In just over two minutes, Lewis manages to hit Irish, Northern Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, South African, Italian, New York and Australian accents. He's good at this.

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2. Scared of clowns? Well, a scary fact has gone viral again, but "IT" might be creepier than you thought. HuffPost interviewed "It" actor Finn Wolfhard earlier this year, and he told us the bizarre coincidence wasn't even supposed to happen.

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The actor went on to tell us that the movie is "beautiful and funny and real," but you "might want to wear a diaper to the theater. "Say no more, dude. We're on right now.

3. A pair of white giraffes has been caught on camera by conservationists in the Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy in Kenya's Garissa province, completing a four-month search across Kenya for the rarely seen specimens.

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The video was shared by Greenpeace Africa on social media yesterday, and within minutes was trending around the world.

GreenPiece Africa

4. What a little cutie pie! South Africa's very own DJ Arch Jnr, real name Oratilwe AJ Hlongwane, has made it to the Guinness World Records as the youngest club DJ in the world, after spinning the tunes for an hour.

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Dj Arch Jnr

5. This is the coolest thing you'll see today.

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