18/09/2017 10:14 SAST | Updated 18/09/2017 10:14 SAST

Our Perfect Wedding Presenter Auditions Were A Mess -- Say Auditionees From The Joburg Leg

"People sat in a space that was congested, heated, and there wasn't even a single tap in this stupid place."

Auditionees at The Pyramid Conference & Venue Centre in Johannesburg.

The popular Mzansi Magic show "Our Perfect Wedding" held open auditions for a new presenter this past Saturday -- and a number of auditionees from the Johannesburg leg say it was a giant mess.

One infuriated woman says they were not expecting royal or VIP treatment in the audition process, but there was no direction and their health was compromised.

"Let me tell you about a group of people who sat in a space that was congested, heated, and there wasn't even a single tap in this stupid place. People were dehydrated and exhausted."

Based on social media, this is what we know about the auditioning process:

1. Hundreds were packed in a hot warehouse without, at the very least, a water tap.

2. There was no clear direction.

3. There were allegations of some crew members and or security guards being bribed so that some people could get in front of the line.

4. There were allegations of celebrities, who arrived later than some people, being pushed to the front of the queue.

5. Some people, who'd been there for close to 12 hours, did not even get to the audition.

The audition process was later closed on account of health and safety concerns.

This has led to some auditionees believing that they were just there to add numbers and help the hype of the presenter search.

This woman, who took to Twitter, feels they were "treated like dirt" and wasted the judges' time.

It also made others question whether or not judges had already made their pick. Allegations such as these have marred open auditions before.

Others questioned whether or not the show was genuinely looking for a new face -- as there were established faces from the television industry in attendance.

At the reveal of the presenter search, head of publicity at Local M-Net Channels said: "We are looking forward to the exciting journey the show will be taking, opening up the platform for a hidden gem, a new face with untapped talent."

Others had the most fun, though:

The presenter audition was also held in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal -- with no similar complaints.