20/09/2017 17:15 SAST | Updated 21/09/2017 13:19 SAST

Dear 'Old' Folks, If You Are Feeling Fomo About All These New Slang Terms, We've Got You Covered

Ku Lit🔥🔥🔥

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If you often hear words or phrases that you can't find in the dictionary, or your kids say things that makes no sense to you at all, it's safe to assume you're pretty much over the hill, so to speak. Old-school, neh?

So, for everyone who keeps asking themselves, what the hell does that even mean? -- HuffPost SA has compiled an urban dictionary of words and phrases you should know so you don't get FOMO.

FOMO -- Fear of missing out

The word FOMO stands for "fear of missing out". When you simply feel you're missing out on things, FOMO is the word to use.

Eg: Drake is coming to South Africa and I cannot go, I'm suffering from FOMO.

GOAT -- Greatest of all time

When someone is referred to as a GOAT, they are not talking about the animal, GOAT in this day and age means greatest of all time.

Eg: Lionel Messi is the GOAT in football.

Dab -- Hip-hop dance move

The dab, popularised by US hip-hop trio Migos, is a dance move that has become part of the hip-hop culture and is the easiest and best dance move you can master.

Lit -- It is hot

When its lit, it is hot. So when you hear people say "ku lit", just know that it is hot.

Eg: It's lit fam.

Fam -- Family

Fam is just short for family, so next time call your family "fam", and you will see the reaction from the youngins.

Issa -- It is

Slang can definitely make the English language more fun. Issa is the colloquial version of 'it is".

Eg: Issa problem, Issa Boy, Issa love thing, Issa amazing.

Bae -- Baby

When someone calls you bae, know that you are their love, their baby, their sweety pie. Bae has become a cooler name to call your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Eg: This is bae.

TBH -- To be honest

TBH, this needs no explanation.

SMH -- Shaking my head

SMH, you still don't get it?

TMI -- Too much information

I didn't need to know that, TMI!

IRL -- In real life

Can we meet IRL?

STFU -- Shut the f*ck up

Slay -- To kick ass

When you slay, you've killed it. You have succeeded in something amazing.

Same WhatsApp Group -- We are the same

Comparing people with similarities can now be classified as being in the same WhatsApp group.

NSFW -- Not safe for work

If you are a naughty fella and someone sends you something with the caption NSFW, just know that it is not safe for work.

Jiggy -- Cool

If you're jiggy, that means you are cool

Spicy -- Being dramatic

Like Salt Bae, he is always acting spicy...

Black Twitter -- Black Twitter

LOL -- Laughing out loud