20/09/2017 17:09 SAST | Updated 20/09/2017 17:09 SAST

Learn How To Say Hi, Bye And I Love You in Sign Language -- It's Not That Complicated

Let's help create an inclusive society.

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September is Deaf Awareness Month in South Africa. It is aimed at educating the public about deaf and hearing-impaired individuals -- most of whom use South African Sign Language (SASL) as a primary means of communication.

It turns out saying hi, bye and I love you in SASL is not that complicated. Learning these phrases, in fact, can help all of us create an inclusive society sensitive to the needs of the deaf and the deaf-blind.

We've compiled a short guide on some of these basic phrases.

See if you can spell your name and surname

A few common phrases -- according to local sign language organisation, Talk Sign.

"I love you"

In the video below, Yuvini Gounden teaches alphabets, introduction and greetings using SASL