21/09/2017 09:26 SAST | Updated 21/09/2017 14:56 SAST

5 Things Sleepist Robert Mugabe (Probably) Missed While In UN La-La-Land

Mugabe, stay woke.

GULSHAN KHAN via Getty Images


A picture of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe sleeping through most of Donald Trump's address at the United Nations went viral on Tuesday.

The 93-year-old leader of Zimbabwe, while in la-la-land, was the subject of intense criticism in Zimbabwe following reports that each of Zimbabwe's 70 delegates to the UN were being paid a $1,500 stipend per day during their stay in the Big Apple.

A legislator from Zimbabwe's main opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), also said Mugabe falling asleep "embarrasses us and puts the country into disrepute".

"How can he sleep through through a nuclear war speech is astounding. To travel so far with many delegates at such a cost only to sleep so soundly is disconcerting, " said Jessie Majome.

While Zimbabwe's notorious sleepist president drifted into sleepy serenity, these are five things he probably missed:

1. His son blowing big bucks at New York stores down the road

Bellarmine Chatunga, known for his lavish spending and partying lifestyle, was seen in New York carrying a satchel on his back while a bodyguard carried a Gucci shopping bag, among others. This while President Mugabe drifted in and out of consciousness, captured in full view by TV networks from Hong Kong to Honalulu, no doubt with the notable exception of Harare.

2. Zimbabwe's main airport being renamed after its leader of more than three decades

Harare International Airport on November 9, 2017, will become RG Mugabe International Airport, a memo to the country's aviation authorities revealed on Tuesday.

Okay, it's highly unlikely he 'missed' this, but he was probably sleeping through the announcement made on social media. At the same time, Zimbabwe has named so many facilities after its leader -- including a proposed $1 billion dollar university honouring his excellency -- it's probably not a stretch to assume he's lost track.

3. #ThisFlag proponent Evan Mawarire pleading not guilty in court

Pastor Evan Mawarire on Tuesday in court pleaded not guilty on charges of misconduct and inciting a crowd to cause violence.

Mawarire and his colleague Ocean Chiota were arrested in June over allegedly addressing medical students at the University of Zimbabwe who were striking over a fees increase.

'Pastor Evan', as widely known following the #ThisFlag campaign in early 2016, will also appear in court next week on charges of trying to topple Zimbabwe's government.

4. Grace Mugabe's son ridin' dirty through the H streets in a new Rolls Royce

Russel Goreraza, Grace Mugabe's first son, reportedly imported two Rolls-Royce limousines into Zimbabwe dropped off at RG Mugabe Internationa... uh, Harare International Airport on Sunday.

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The two vehicles, valued at over R70 million, sparked outrage among critics.

Zimbabwe's Great Leader may have seen or heard about the vehicles, but we can't be automatically convinced he wasn't having a Sunday snooze while Grace's son (figuratively speaking) spat in the face of millions of struggling Zimbabweans with his new fancy wheels.

5. The country defaulting on its debts while Mugabe and co. galavanted through the Big Apple
Zimbabwe's Finance Minister on Wednesday announced the country would not be able to pay $1.8 billion in arrears to the World Bank and African Development Bank (AfDB) until the economy improves, according to Nasdaq.

He said a payment plan agreed with foreign lenders in Peru in 2015 could only go ahead once Zimbabwe's fiscal deficit was reduced and its public sector wage bill drastically reduced from its current 92 percent of the budget.

This dismal track record aside, we can surely forgive Mugabe's recurrent sleepism, especially at these kinds of big summits. They could thrust even the wokist of woke -- word play -- into deep slumber.

Nevertheless, when a country's leader becomes world renowned for both unthinkably poor/abusive governance as well as unceasing snoozery, it may be a sign it's time to go.