21/09/2017 17:55 SAST | Updated 21/09/2017 17:56 SAST

Best Of HuffPost Today: 9 Stories You Shouldn't Miss

Makhosi Khoza calls it a day with the ANC, the short career of a director general under Zuma and catching some z's at the UN.

Francois Lenoir / Reuters
Going... going... gone.

1. Robert Mugabe got some flak for falling asleep during Donald Trump's United Nations address. But he's not the only one -- remember our own President Zuma dozing off during a budget speech, or when the Aussie PM was too drunk to vote? Anyways, he probably didn't miss more than these 5 hilarious things while he was in la-la land.

2. Makhosi Khoza got quite emotional when she announced she was leaving the ANC. She spoke for over an hour about her once beloved party that "demolishes a century-long legacy and strangles the moral conscience that was once held so dear". But maybe this could be the start of her own political brand, wonders Theo Venter.

3. Jacob Zuma gets through his directors-general like nobody's business, with 216 axed, shifted or suspended since 2009. It's one reason service delivery is so poor. "Ideally, the two [minister and DG] are supposed to mirror each other... Together they constitute the political hand and administrative glove designed to guide and deliver services to the public," says Gareth Van Onselen, who wrote a report on the subject. Read here.

4. South African plus-size model, blogger and photographer Lesego "Lee" Legobane totally burned a Twitter troll who attempted to make a joke using her image. When Leyton Mokgerepi used a photo of Legobane in a meme comparing her to another bikini model writing, "Girls that I like vs. Girls that like me" her response ("I don't like you") went viral with over 730,000 likes and counting, including from Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande and Ava DuVernay. Read here.

5. It's unclear what will happen to the thousands of employees of 20 Gupta-owned companies after the High Court In Pretoria dismissed their application to prevent the Bank of Baroda shutting their bank accounts by the end of September. It's believed to be their last remaining accounts in the country and how -- and if -- the employees will get paid is not known. Read here.

6. Tumi Morake's comments about apartheid are like saying water is wet, or the sky is blue, says Ayesha Fakie. So how on earth do her statements, which are entirely grounded in historical fact, illicit such polarising responses? "Why is it that South Africans, as shown by this incident, appear polarized on an understanding of our past" she asks.

7. We all grabbed our lippy when gorgeous actor Sdumo Mtshali called in to be grilled with frivolous questions for HuffPost Pick One. Does he like pap or pasta, and what was he referring to when it said it "gives his whole body a workout?" Watch here.

8. A huge 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit an area south of Mexico City just ten days after an 8.1 magnitude tremor devastated another part of the country. Hundreds have died and there are terrible stories of children trapped in the rubble. Watch here.

9. An illustrator has shut down racist internet trolls who bombarded her with abuse after she depicted Harry Potter character Hermione Granger as black. On Tuesday, Toronto-based Anoosha Syed revealed via Twitter how she'd received a horrific backlash after she shared her magical illustration of Hermione, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley to her Tumblr page last month. Read here.