21/09/2017 12:14 SAST | Updated 21/09/2017 12:45 SAST

Dear ThickLeeyonce, Your Bold Love For Your Body Has Inspired Us To Fall In Love With Ours

You have taught us five crucial lessons.

Lesego 'Thickleeyonce' Legobane
Lesego 'Thickleeyonce' Legobane

Most women would agree that the journey to self-love and self-acceptance can be a bumpy one, especially in a world that continues to impose narrow beauty standards.

What with the obsession with thigh gaps, long legs, flat tummies, perfect teeth, perfect skin and even 'yellowbones' -- many have gone to extreme lengths to try achieve these beauty standards.

Then enter body positive activist Lesego Legobane AKA Thickleeyonce (24) -- whose recent four-word clap-back at a body-shamer has gone viral.

And it's not the first or the second time Legobane has had to deal with trolls.

"For a while, I had to fake it. I had to fake that confidence. One can't just wake up and say 'From today, I'm a confident person.' It's a long journey...I faked 'til it eventually became real," the plus-size model and blogger told Destiny magazine.

It's this confidence that has inspired countless South African women to accept and love their curves.

These two tweets sum it up best:

So, thank you ThickLeeyonce -- your living your life boldly and confidently has taught us these five crucial lessons:

1. To be comfortable in our skin because our bodies are enough.

To look at ourselves naked in the mirror and love all bits of what we see and even confidently take selfies.

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2. To see our curves with a new set of eyes because they are beautiful and we can flatteringly dress for them.

Plus we can wear whatever we want.

I hope you forgive parts of you that believe you're not beautiful. Let yourself heal. 🖤

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3. Taking care of our bodies is a great thing -- even if we are curvy.

This is because the benefits of exercising and eating clean are not just and primarily about losing weight.

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Back at it 💪

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4. You continually teach us that our being worthy of being loved has nothing to do with our body size

So we should never settle.

Dear God, I am worthy 😩 one day is one day ❤️ THIS !!!

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5. You've taught us how to clap back with class and grace

So, thank you, ThickLeeyonce, thank you.