21/09/2017 15:25 SAST | Updated 21/09/2017 15:25 SAST

Imagine A Radio Station Run By Children For Children -- Well Look No Further Than RX Radio

This marks one of the first children's hospital radio stations in Africa.


There is a brand new radio station run by children for children at Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital in Cape Town. It's called RX Radio and is one of the first children's hospital radio stations in Africa.

Child patients being involved in the production process is what makes the station unique, believes station manager, Dr. Gabriel Urgoiti.

"It involves patients as programme producers and broadcast presenters with the explicit aim of sharing and improving children's experiences of illness and hospital," explained Urgoiti in a statement.

Child patients often get lonely and anxious -- and through this platform, Urgoiti believes the stress will be alleviated and their hospital stay made a bit more pleasant.

"It gives some control to the children in what could otherwise feel quite a helpless situation. It also, quite literally, gives them a voice," said Louise Driver, the CEO of the Children's Hospital Trust. A voice to share their experiences, concerns and questions with their parents, doctors and nurses and other children.

The show line-up is pretty cool. There are music, travel and food shows and interviews with academics and celebrities.

The station went live in May and will be officially launched in October.

We wish these young broadcasters the best of luck.