22/09/2017 08:43 SAST | Updated 22/09/2017 08:44 SAST

Recipe Corner: This Long Weekend, Do Yourself A Favour And Try This Salmon Surprise

Plus it's healthy too.

Salmon surprise
Salmon surprise

Although there's nothing wrong with following the traditional way of making good-old Greek salad, it's perfectly okay to incorporate your own style and flavour. Foodie Ashley Thekiso, aka Ash on Food, has this take on a salmon Greek salad, and he calls it Salmon Surprise. If you're counting calories -- don't worry, "it's very healthy", he reckons.




1 pack | lettuce mix (found in any convenience store pre-packed for salads on the go)

A quarter cup lemon juice

1 | yellow pepper (not the hot kind)

Small bottle | pickled baby onions


2 pieces | thick-cut Norwegian salmon (best bought in the morning form your butcher/fishmonger to get the best cut)

1 small tub (250g) | cream cheese

500ml | heavy cream (double cream yoghurt also works well)


It would be advisable to use the biggest bowl you have for convenience of mixing

1. Slice pickled onions in halves and add to bowl

2. Julienne pepper into thin strips and add to bowl with lettuce mix

3. Rub salmon with black pepper, salt and quarter a cup of lemon juice for 12 minutes

4. Once cooked all the way through, slice into bite-size pieces and add to the lettuce mixture

5. Beat heavy cream with the cream cheese for two minutes -- add two spoons of lemon juice, thyme and salt to taste

6. Drizzle the cream mixture on the salad per dish as you plate and enjoy!

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