26/09/2017 09:50 SAST | Updated 26/09/2017 09:50 SAST

Companies That Tamper With Sell-By-Date Labels Face Criminal Prosecution

They can also be fined R1-million or 10 percent of their annual turnover.

A company can be fined R1-million and 10 percent of their annual turnover if they are found guilty of tampering with sell-by-date labels.

On Sunday night, current affairs TV show Carte Blanche showed Meat World allegedly selling spoilt meat. The company apparently relabelled products to extend the sell-by dates.

This is a fineable offence in terms of section 110 of the Consumer Protection Act.

According to Times Live, Meat World has since responded to the allegations on Facebook, saying it took the allegations seriously and that it was investigating the matter. "We will do everything in our power to restore our customers' faith in our brand," said the company's CEO, Angelino Pereira.

The allegations are unacceptable, said the CEO of the Read Meat Producers' Organisation, Gerhard Schutte. He said that a company guilty of this would be doing itself a huge disadvantage in terms of consumer trust in their product.