26/09/2017 16:00 SAST | Updated 26/09/2017 16:00 SAST

'Panyaza Lesufi Has Failed The Klipspruit Community'

Teaching and learning did not resume at school amid racism row.

The Greater Eldorado Park Business Forum has accused the Gauteng education department -- under the leadership of MEC Panyazi Lesufi -- of failing the Klipspruit West community.

The area has been riddled with violence since July after parents allegedly refused that a black principal be employed at Klipspruit West Secondary.

The forum has denied allegations of racism, saying there were more qualified candidates who could have been appointed.

Last week, teaching and learning were disrupted after four teachers were not allowed on to the school premises for allegedly not doing their work. Twelve other teachers who were in solidarity with them also left the school.

On Monday, Lesufi promised that the school would function as normal and police were deployed at the school itself.

"Lesufi categorically stated yesterday afternoon [Monday] that the teachers will be back at the school this morning... 12 teachers and two general workers did not report for duty," according to a statement from the forum's Charis Pretorius.

According to the forum, these teachers were responsible for serious offences. Pretorius emphasised that not all of the alleged transgressors were black.

"There were four teachers who were not allowed [to enter the school], [and] one of them was coloured. Those teachers were not allowed in based on reports on their behaviour -- it is not just [about] black teachers," Pretorius said.

"There seems to be an alliance with the Patriots For Equality is pushing a political agenda."

The organisation has also slammed Lesufi for refusing to meet with the community, but instead meeting with the South African Democratic Teachers' Union and another organisation called Patriots For Equality.

"There seems to be an alliance with Patriots For Equality, which is pushing a political agenda, " Pretorius said.

"These individuals are after self-enrichment and gaining political ground."

The forum said calm would only be restored if the alliance were removed from the community. The group is believed to have asked the community to support it in getting rid of the principal in return for jobs.

"Anthony Philip Williams [Patriotic Alliance member] has promised members of the community that they would get employment from four projects that are coming into the community, on the condition that they support him in this fight," Pretorius said.

"Political grandstanding will not work here. Delivery on the resolution that was signed in August is the only way to salvage a very dire situation," she said.

As the chaos continues at Klipspruit West Secondary school, people have taken to social media to express their disappointment about the coloured community's stance on employing black teachers.