27/09/2017 07:19 SAST | Updated 27/09/2017 07:20 SAST

Axed Sars Employees: We Want KPMG Report Withdrawn In Full

KPMG CEO then "apologised for the part that KPMG played"

KPMG CEO Nhlamu Dlomu
KPMG CEO Nhlamu Dlomu

Axed SA Revenue Service (Sars) employees told KPMG CEO Nhlamu Dlomu yesterday that they wanted the KPMG forensic report "withdrawn in full". They also asked that KPMG "make a full and frank disclosure about their past conduct".

The details of the closed-door meeting have been kept private, but Dlomu responded with a very politely worded media statement where she "apologised for the part that KPMG played", adding that she "understands their pain".

The former Sars employees -- Ivan Pillay, Peter Richer, Yolisa Pikie and Adrian Lackay -- said the report damaged the Sars institution.

"We appreciate the efforts by KPMG to finally afford those affected by the 'forensic' investigative report to SARS, the opportunity to be heard.

"At the same time, we remain convinced that KPMG's conduct has caused immense harm to a number of experienced individuals, their reputations and careers as public servants, and it damaged institutions like Sars."

They directly linked the report to former finance minister Pravin Gordhan's criminal prosecution.

"In our view, the 'findings' of the KPMG 'forensic report' to Sars, became the basis for the aborted criminal prosecution of the former finance minister, Mr Pravin Gordhan, the former Sars deputy commissioner, Mr Ivan Pillay, and others, during October 2016.

"The decision by the National Director of Public Prosecutions to issue summons against these individuals, and against Mr Gordhan in particular, days before the October 2016 Medium Term Budget Policy Statement, caused intractable economic harm and uncertainty.

"To date, the allegations of that 'a covert and rogue intelligence unit' was established by Sars 'in contravention of the rule of law' have been substantially disavowed. As this aspect was the central focus of the 'forensic report' to Sars, we trust that this report will in future be withdrawn in full."