28/09/2017 16:33 SAST | Updated 28/09/2017 16:33 SAST

7 Signs That We Are Living In The Future

You won't believe how far technology has evolved.

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We are living in 2017 and, since the turn of the millennium, society globally has embraced postmodernism more than ever. We have been developing in different areas, from philosophy and the arts to architecture and technology. Perhaps, because you are used to life in the present, you don't realise how far we have evolved as the human race.

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Here are the seven tell-tale signs that show that we are definitely living in the future.

1. Cellphones

Remember when a cellphone could only make calls and send an SMS? Well, the gadget has evolved to a point where there is nothing it can't do. You can take high-definition video, call anyone from around the world, experience virtual reality and have the same phone communicate with you. Hello, Siri!

Interactive phones are clearly showing that we are living in the future.

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Man using virtual reality goggles on grey background

2. Cars

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Although we don't have flying cars -- well, at least not yet -- vehicle technology has also evolved, not with in terms of speed, but technology, aesthetics and designs have changed rapidly.

Cars in 2017 no longer need petrol -- that's ancient! -- we already have cars powered by solar energy, and we might soon be moving to cars that run on water. Welcome to the future!

3. Drones

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Drone flying over ocean at dawn

Twenty years ago, if you told someone about a drone, they would probably look at you like you're crazy. The arrival of drones has left us excited, but also pessimistic about the future.

Drones can almost fly everywhere they want, they can deliver products to your doorstep, but they can also cause massive destruction without you knowing by dropping explosives, for example.

4. Skyscrapers

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Dubai metro and Dubai skylines

Postmodernism is best expressed with the aesthetic appeal of our architecture. Not only are skyscrapers beautiful, but you get a chance to touch the sky.

Certainly, the sky is not the limit when you enter buildings such as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. A contrasting difference to the buildings of the modern age.

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5. Internet

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Hacker attacking internet

Whether it be Google or Twitter or hacking, the world wide web, better known as the internet, is the epitome of the digital age we find ourselves in. People who know nothing about you can simply click on your social media profile and they instantly have access to your whole life.

Hackers are able to steal money in your bank account but simply using the internet. Surfing the net has meant people are moving away from traditional media and favouring digitalisation. Living in 2017 has never been a better time to surf the net.

6. Artificial intelligence

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To put it bluntly, a machine is supposed to be smarter than a human. Algorithms, simulation and the rise of artificial intelligence mean that machines will surpass the knowledge of a human. It knows everything you are going to do before even you do.

Now ask yourself this, if a machine is built to be smarter than a human, what will happen when they know how to think for themselves? Think "Terminator", "The Matrix" and "Blade Runner".

7. Science-fiction movies

Sci-fi movies, even though the are fiction, open the door for possibilities. When James Cameroon did the movie "Terminator", it was based on the idea that one day machines will be smarter than humans and ultimately take over.

The Wachowskis continued this with the Matrix, which is the idea with machines will enslave humans and use them for their own gain. As the years go by, the closer we get to what has been predicted in sci-fi movies.

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Cloud blocks forming opposing faces in sky