28/09/2017 14:24 SAST | Updated 28/09/2017 14:24 SAST

Would You Marry A Stranger At First Sight?

Season 2 of the show is upon us.

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Just when we thought 2 Strangers and a Wedding was one of the most bizarre yet fascinating wedding shows to hit South Africa's shores, then came Married At First Sight (MAFS).

With the former, two people who had never met got married and only got to see each other after exchanging their vows.

Similarly with MAFS, two strangers paired by experts meet each other for the first time at the altar. After a few weeks -- which include a honeymoon and advice from financial experts, psychologists and relationship experts, they must decide whether they want to stay together or not.

You'd think the show would have a zero success rate, but some couples who were on the U.S. version of the show are still together and having babies.

So, maybe there's hope.

So while none of the three couples from South Africa's first season is still together, season two of the social experiment has some people hoping that -- this time -- it will work for the matched pairs.

Others, however, are not so convinced:

Season two starts on the 2 October.

Here is the promo: