30/09/2017 10:11 SAST | Updated 02/10/2017 12:14 SAST

Best Of The Blogs 30 September: The Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

Here's your chance to catch up.

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1. Could Unpaid Internships Be Modern-Day Slavery?
For three, four or even five years, you've endured lecture after boring lecture, hours upon agonising hours of reading and studying, exam after anxiety-inducing exam. Hundreds of thousands of rands have been spent on your education, to cover tuition, textbooks, equipment and, if applicable, residence. Read more.

2. South Africa Needs An ANC 2.0 -- A Political Party, Not A Liberation Movement
I must admit that there were times when the embarrassment, sometimes shame of having once been a member of the African National Congress [ANC] threatened to overwhelm me. Times like when the Mbeki government failed to recognise the HIV/AIDS epidemic or when Jacob Zuma, whose reputation preceded him long before his return from exile, was elected in Polokwane, writes Legal Researcher, Jeanette Buis.

3. What Happened To The Reconcilation Project?
The reconciliation project conceptualised by Nelson Mandela's administration in the mid-90s is in deep trouble. The controversy that has swirled around Tumi Morake and Jacaranda FM is but a small symptom of a deep-seated malaise in the body politic. Read more.

4. The Media Has Shifted The Power In Schools
My first teaching post was at a school in Cape Town. After my three-year stint at the school, I had dealt with issues of homophobia, classism, racism, teenage pregnancy, violent masculinity, suicide, drug usage and teenage pregnancy. This is not an exhaustive list of the issues I encountered while I taught at the school, writes lecturer Athambile Masola.

5. Graça Machel: Women's Education Is Needed To Advance Society
Over the last three decades, the advent of the internet age coupled with rapid globalisation has enabled us to be better connected as global citizens. Despite gains in connectivity and interconnectedness across borders, societies around the world are still plagued by fragmentation and inequity. Read more.

6. The New SABC Is Shaping Up Into A True Public Broadcaster
In March 2017, the President appointed five individuals to the Interim Board of the South African Broadcasting Corporation [SABC]. These individuals were appointed following the implementation of the recommendations of Parliament's ad hoc committee inquiry into the SABC. Read more.

7. KPMG SA -- The Fallacy Of Feminism And Black Women In Leadership
The narrative has developed interestingly since the KPMG executives resigned over their role in the SA Revenue Service's "rogue unit" report, which has now been retracted. One of the country's largest auditing firms is at the core of a political scandal that was instrumental in a credit-rating downgrade and the dismissal of Pravin Gordhan as finance minister, writes Omogolo Taunwyane.