03/10/2017 10:03 SAST | Updated 03/10/2017 10:05 SAST

DJ Dimplez's 'What A Night' Artwork Is a Chilling Reminder That Rape Culture Is Still A Norm

"My intention was never to promote the senseless rape culture"


Sexual abuse and the rape of women stand as one of South Africa's greatest pandemics. The number of reported rape cases in 2015/16 stands at a staggering 42,596 according to Africa check. These figures deeply undermine the real-time figures of sexual abuse that do not make it to the police station.

It is no surprise that Twitter users were up in arms when well-known hip-hop Dj Dimplez dropped the artwork of his newest single, 'What A Night", featuring Tellaman and Kwesta. The artwork shows a young woman being carried out by Dj Dimplez after a night out in the club.

The artwork was received with mixed reviews as many felt the artwork supported rape culture.

While some saw no problem with the artwork, others felt the lack of sensitivity in creating the work speaks to a greater normalisation of rape and sexual abuse in South Africa.

The outrage around the artwork comes off yet another troubling year of female kidnappings and/or the killing of women at the hands of their loved ones. The constant threat to women's safety has been a large discussion point on social media.

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After a great deal of rigorous debate on social media platforms, Dj Dimplez has since issued a statement to his fans, apologising for his ethical oversight.

Although the apology has been issued and fans are deeply appreciative of his speedy response, the reaction and debate around the depiction still expose a blind spot in how some South Africans may understand consent and in turn the perpetuation of rape culture.

Well done DJ Dimplez for taking responsibility.

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