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Pastor Nala: The Life Of A Prophet

"A remarkable visitation was when the angels came to him in a dream and gave him a gift."

Facebook / HQ Mandate

On 28 August 1963 in rural Nkandla, Hamilton Qhoshangokwakhe Nala was born from a polygamist marriage.

His father was a well-known traditional healer and, as a young boy, Nala would be sent to pick up healing herbs from a spot near his home. He was close to his dad and was treated as the heir to the Nala tribe.

Nala was a sickly child "with no hope of surviving or making it to adulthood", according to his website profile.

At one point, he was admitted to Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital where he apparently "died and rose again in a few hours". His folks did not want to talk about this incident much.

He was the only one among his older siblings to attend school, which he loved. But owing to financial problems, he left school in Grade 1.

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During his childhood, Nala claims he was visited by God and angels "during his sleep" on a few occasions.

"During these visits, God would literally speak to him... A remarkable visitation was when the angels came to him in a dream and gave him a gift. He started to be very confused by these visitations."

He sought for answers "but could not find anyone to explain to him". It was only when he met a certain "reverend" who advised him to pray to God and say: "Lord, I have heard about you but I do not know you. Please reveal yourself to me. I will do everything you want me to do."

So Nala prayed.

In a separate incident later, he met a Zionist woman who told him about his future. She told him that he would never work for a "white man" and that he would never be employed.

According to his profile, "After many such visitations, prophecies, visions and dreams, it became clear to him that the calling of God was upon him. With no clear direction, in 1985 he yielded to the call of God."

This created a misunderstanding with his family and he was later disowned for being a rebel who neglected family traditions.

His move to Durban marked the beginning of the manifestation of God's calling in his life.

According to his biography, Pastor Nala goes by the name "King Dr HQ Nala" and is an apostle and a prophet with a divine insight.

"He is the First Citizen of the World of Plenty and the Progenator of the Plentian Nation... On 19 December 2015 he was officially inaugurated as the King of the Plentian Nation."

He is the founder of Nala Mandate International church located in Durban, which provides a "home for the hurting, discouraged, indebted, depressed, and confused".

"King Dr HQ Nala is mightily used by God in the Healing and Miracle mandate. Many people have been healed through this mandate, which impacts millions of people through radio, television and other social media.

"Signs and wonders displayed in his services and conventions are a true testimony of God's calling and healing anointing upon him."

According to his website, Nala sells many products that assist people with problems -- from faith water to miracle cloths, Nala pens, faith honey and Nala juice.

"In 2013, he was officially launched as a national Prophet in South Africa when the South African government attacked him for the claims that his Faith Water could heal people from HIV/Aids (sic)," his website states.

"King Dr HQ Nala founded the concept called the World of Plenty. This came as a result of his conversation with God... God then mandated him to lead His people into the World of Plenty."

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"The World of Plenty is a spiritual realm which is experienced by the right state of mind through faith in the finished work of Christ; a spiritual location, not a physical or earthly location; a realm of more than enough, where nothing is missing and nothing is broken; a world of no pain, sickness and disease; and a world where poverty, lack and shortage do not exist."

"Evil does not exist in this 'World of Plenty'."