11/10/2017 06:12 SAST | Updated 11/10/2017 10:18 SAST

Makhosi Khoza Already Fluent In Opposition Speak

The former ANC MP, and now stern critic of the party, has said she is considering the possibility of starting a new political party.

Former ANC MP Makhosi Khoza has intensified her rhetoric against the "corrupt" and "alien" party, calling for South Africans to vote out the governing party come the 2019 elections.

Khoza, who is considering starting her own political party, said the ANC has to "die" before it can self-correct.

She was speaking at a memorial lecture for struggle icon, Helen Joseph, at the University of Johannesburg on Tuesday night.

"The organisation [ANC] tells its MPs that they must not vote according to their moral conscience. The organisation she [Joseph] once believed in now puts the life of an individual above that of a collective. The organisation she believed in persecutes truth in the name of organisational discipline," Khoza said.

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"Political consciousness in the absence of moral conscience results in a troubled politician. [Zuma] and most of his ANC NEC leadership may have political consciousness, but I don't think they have a moral conscience."

She said the ANC "as a brand" must face the consequences of its actions.

"Those members of Parliament who sought to be truthful and followed their moral conscience were persecuted. In response, South Africans should exercise their right and vote them [the ANC] out of power. The ANC is not a religion," Khoza said.

"The ANC was voted in and it can also be voted out. The current political leadership crisis emanates from this disconnect between political consciousness and moral conscience.

She said South Africa cannot rebuild itself under the ANC's rule.

"They will tell you that the ANC will self-correct. We need to understand that for it to self-correct, for the ANC to learn, it first has to die and then it can resurrect," Khoza said.

The ANC deleted moral conscience from its soul and replaced it with patronage politics and corruption...There is no leader at the ANC December conference that will emerge without signing a pact with the devil.

She said that a vote is the most powerful instrument in the hands of South African citizens.

"In each election, the ANC promises to deal with corruption. I am saying, we need to ensure that a voter can correct the anomaly in society through a ballot... The ANC that we know accomplished its mission, this new alien and corrupt ANC is undoing all that we fought for now," she said.

She ended her speech pleading, "come 2019, please save South Africa".

Khoza last month resigned as a member of the party after a more than three-decade-long tenure. She was due to be hauled in front of a disciplinary committee for bringing the party into disrepute by calling for the president to step down.