11/10/2017 07:46 SAST | Updated 11/10/2017 07:47 SAST

WATCH: Pride Of Curious Lions Bursts Tourist's Tyres In Kruger Park

"I guess a picnic is out of the question."


It was a wild rush to change a tyre yesterday after a pride of curious lions burst the tyre of a tourist vehicle in the Kruger National Park, chasing the lions away in after they were frightened by the loud burst.

The video of the event has gone viral after National Geographic posted it online.

The video shows how two lions stalked around the car, a small Toyota Yaris, before sniffing the tyres. The lion looks like it started nibbling on the tyre, causing the tyre to puncture, and then explode in the face of the lion, frightening it and chasing the pride away.

The comments on the video are hilarious. One viewer said, "I guess a picnic is out of the question." Another exclaimed, "Lions and Tires and Bears, OH MY!"

Watch the fascinating video below: