12/10/2017 09:31 SAST | Updated 12/10/2017 09:31 SAST

Sho Madjozi On Her Love For Thandiswa Mazwai, Her New Music And Why She Doesn't Succumb To Pressure

She also spoke about her xibelani.


Rapper and actress Sho Madjozi did not come here to play. Since bursting into the spotlight after featuring in Okmalumkoolkat's hit song Gqi, the 25-year-old admits she's coming for everything.

HuffPost SA recently sat down for a five-minute chat with the "Dumi hi phone" hitmaker whose real name is Maya Wegerif.

We spoke about:

Her xibelani:

"If I don't wear my tradition, whose should I be proud of? I actually have them made in a way that they represent my interpretation of XiTsonga. For me, it's about bringing XiTsonga to now (2017). It would be a lie for me to try and wear it the way my grandmother does because I'm living in a different era and I love my tradition, so I thought, why not bring it to now," she said.

New music on the pipeline?

"Always. I'm working on some major tracks which I'm really excited about. There are so many amazing artists who have been my heroes who want to work and collaborate with me. I am excited to do that also because October is the month to make music so we can increase the set and get people dancing and singing along during the December holidays," Madjozi said.

Being the new kid on the block:

"I don't allow external pressures to dictate to me how I should look, sound or portray myself and that's because I generally don't care what the perception is out there about me. Nobody told me to rap. None of this was anyone's idea and I definitely did not go at this to impress anyone," said Madjozi.

Thandiswa Mazwai:

Madjozi said: "I grew up listening and watching Thandiswa. She's my absolute favourite. It's humbling and amazing at the same time that she knows of me and is also a fan of my work. It's a great feeling".

Mapungwe Arts Festival:

"I will be performing here for the first time and I will be the newest act on stage so, I have to show up for millennials and represent the boys and girls. So people can expect me to go extra hard as this is also one of the biggest events in my home province of Limpopo" Madjozi explained.

*The festival is Limpopo's biggest social and cultural event celebrating diversity through the arts, heritage and music.

The event is targeted at growing Limpopo's tourism industry and local economy and places a lot of emphasis on building social cohesion among the province's different ethnic groups in its terrains bordering Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

This year's line up includes Nigeria's Davido, Mr Bow. Judith Sephuma, Caiphus Semenya and Dr Thomas Chauke to name a few.