13/10/2017 14:26 SAST | Updated 13/10/2017 16:10 SAST

According To The ANC's Own Resolutions, Zuma Must Be Sanctioned. But Will They Do It?

"We will deal with this matter as and when it happens," said a party spokesperson.

President Jacob Zuma.
REUTERS/Wu Hong/Pool
President Jacob Zuma.

How the ANC deals with President Jacob Zuma if charges are brought against him will show just how seriously they take their own resolutions.

At the party's Mangaung conference in 2012, the party reaffirmed its resolution on the setting up of integrity commissions at all levels of the organisation.

It said that more urgent steps should be taken to protect the image of the party and enhance its standing in society by ensuring, among others, that urgent action is taken to deal with public officials, leaders and members of the ANC who face damaging allegations of improper conduct.

"In addition, measures should be put in place to prevent abuse of power of office for private gain or factional interests. The ANC can no longer allow prolonged processes that damage its integrity," it said.

Now Zuma could be facing 18 charges and 783 counts of fraud, racketeering and money laundering.

This comes after the Supreme Court of Appeal on Friday upheld the ruling of the Gauteng High Court that the National Prosecuting Authority's decision to drop the corruption charges against the president was irrational.

The judgement effectively leaves it up to the NPA on whether to reinstate the charges against Zuma.

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Speaking to the HuffPost SA, ANC spokesperson Khusela Sangoni said Friday's judgment did not bring any charges against the president.

"You are bringing the cart before the horse," she told this journalist.

"No charges have been laid against the president... The ANC will deal with this matter as and when it happens."