17/10/2017 10:33 SAST | Updated 17/10/2017 10:40 SAST

Men Are Slowly Owning Up To Sexual Assault -- With The Hashtag #IHave

Following the viral #MeToo hashtag some men are starting to own up to their sexual assaults, using the hashtag #IHave

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Thousands of women around the world showed how commonplace sexual assault is, using the hashtag #MeToo. It quickly became the top trending Twitter hashtag on Sunday night as women spoke up to show the world just how common sexual harassment is.

It started with a tweet from actress Alyssa Milano, who was citing a friend:

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The hashtag ultimately led to a small section of men on social media owning up to their own sexual assaults on women, with the #IHave hashtag.

"First step of solving a problem is admitting you are one."Twitter User [Male]

The hashtag was a way of men coming out and admitting their abuse of women and actually supporting the movement against sexual crimes.

However, some Twitter users were not convinced by some of the men who spoke out with the #IHave hashtag.