18/10/2017 10:04 SAST | Updated 18/10/2017 10:32 SAST

On Men And Sex Rounds: Is There An Average Number?

Younger men generally can go on longer than older men.

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A man appearing on the latest episode of SABC 1's popular show "Nyan' Nyan" was asked how many sex rounds he could manage with a woman, to which he answered: "Just two."

"My goodness!" replied the woman who had taken him to the show, asking: "Two rounds, Mario, two?"

She added that she did not believe him.

Some tweeps took this to mean she could not believe Mario could last two rounds.

But is there an average number of rounds a guy can go for, and, if so, what is it?

Speaking to HuffPost SA, sexologist Christa Coetzee said that there was no average number of rounds a man can manage in the sack.

"It depends on a number of factors," she said.

1. Age

"Men of 40 and older generally cannot go for as many rounds as men in their 20s. The younger a man is, the quicker the recovery period is and the more rounds they can go for."

The sexologist also cautioned that older men may assume they have sexual disorders when "they can't get a hard enough erection" or "last more rounds than they did in the 20s" -- only to find that it's because of age.

This does not mean, however, "they cannot go three, five or six rounds," clarified Coetzee.

2. Mental health factors

Stress, depression and relationship concerns may also affect the desired number of rounds. "If you're taking medication for stress or anxiety, such as anti-depressants, your testosterone may drop."

This may also affect performance, in general.

3. Alcohol and smoking

Lifestyle factors such as drinking alcohol and smoking, especially excessively, can "hectically impact" a man's sexual performance.

"Excessive drinking, smoking and lack of sleep can leave your body exhausted, and with not enough strength to perform, never mind last longer," said Coetzee.

Stop comparing your sexual endeavours

Coetzee cautions that people should stop comparing their sexual encounters as they are dependent on each person's context based on the factors above, and others. Owing to this, partners must manage their expectations.

"I get weary when people talk about averages," she said. In her experience, many people seem to misunderstand sex rounds or think there is an average to aspire to.

"Sex is not competition. The question each person should ask is, am I satisfied with my own performance or do I expect more of myself?"