26/10/2017 14:29 SAST | Updated 26/10/2017 14:29 SAST

These 5 Tips Will Help You Ace Your First Casting

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As a sneak peek to his upcoming inaugural talk, #BookYourFirstGig, renowned actor and TV presenter, Thapelo Mokoena has shared tips on how aspiring actors can ace that much-dreaded first casting.

If you're an up and coming entertainer wondering how you can seal the deal, look no further, we've got you.

We asked the award-winning actor, presenter and entrepreneur to share five of his best tips and here they are:

1. Wake Up:

You need to get up on time and prepare yourself. Take time to zone in on what the day is all about and remove all the energy you don't need.

2. Choose your brief:

Make sure that the brief is looking for you and that you are the right person they are looking for. Let's get ourselves outside of the mindset of booking every job that's presented to us because we need the money -- instead, select the kind of jobs that you are for. In short, choose your briefs. Also, let your agent know exactly what you do and what it is you don't do.

3. Dress the part:

If the brief is looking for a homeless person, don't arrive looking like you walked off a cover of GQ Magazine. Dress for the brief. If they are looking for a shady brother who has not shaven then do that, wear your oldest shirt if you have to -- just look the part even before you open your mouth. You decide how he walks, so walk like the character would and watch it in their faces.

4. You're worth it:

Every time you walk into an audition room remember that you're the only person not getting paid. All the people in that room are being paid for being there -- to watch you, so remember that. How dare they not pay you? You've just got to get it.

5. Negotiate your contracts from day one:

Be involved in negotiating your contract from the very beginning. You might not know what to say, but rather be there and be involved in the detail of your value from the onset -- you may not be able to change this five years down the line when you have just been accepting money all along meanwhile you're the boss of the talent, you own it. Always remember you're the boss -- the agent works for you.

Mokoena's talk will take place on Saturday, October 28. Details are available here.