24/10/2017 09:10 SAST | Updated 24/10/2017 11:29 SAST

HuffPost Survey On Crime: Here Are The Chilling Responses

"The reaction from the police was swift, but they quickly bungled the case by accepting bribes from the people who attacked us."

HuffPost SA conducted a survey in which readers shared their experiences of crime in 2016/17. Here is what they had to say:

1. The effect of crime on ordinary South Africans

"All police officers should be equipped with dash cams as they are in the US."

HuffPost SA readers who have been victims of crime in various locations across South Africa shared their experiences. These crimes range from home burglaries to car theft and murder.

Here are some of the chilling responses:

"Both my cousin and uncle were shot and killed in the ongoing taxi violence (my cousin was shot in July and my uncle in September) and the perpetrators, even though known by the police, are still roaming the streets."

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"My mother and I were attacked in our home. The reaction from the police was swift, but they quickly bungled the case by accepting bribes from the people who attacked us."

"The mugging of a friend in the Polokwane CBD by two bush knife-wielding thugs. Police in Polokwane [are] nonchalant and sometimes aid these thugs."

2. Dealing with the cops

"My 19-year-old daughter was pulled over and victimised by police who tried to extort a bribe."

When asked about whether they were satisfied with the response of police when reporting on crime, some readers felt the police took forever to respond, and at times they did not report crimes because of their lack of faith in the police.

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Here are some of the comments readers had about the service of police:

"I handed them a serial criminal on a platter and they did nothing. He is walking the streets."

"Police take forever. I only report for insurance purposes."

"Hopeless -- did nothing. No communication."

"Not at all; in the US, the criminals would have been caught in 5 min; I had to queue for an hour to report the incident and then deal with someone who can't take a statement because he couldn't write properly,"

"Didn't even bother to report it this time, nothing would be done."

3. Crime in South Africa


"All police cars should be equipped with [dash] cams as they are in America."

"Crime in general is out of control. A direct relation to our unemployment in the country. Who is going to provide for your family if no one works?"

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"At the end of the day people become desperate and revert to crime because crime pays and it's easy money. It is a spiralling effect."

"My conclusion is that the police are on the payroll of a criminal who has a record of at least 15 different crimes and has never been convicted.I provided evidence they did nothing accept question how I had sourced the information (sic)."