28/10/2017 13:35 SAST | Updated 28/10/2017 13:35 SAST

'What's With You White People And The Aircon?' And Other Questions Black People Have For White South Africans

On that meme: "ok black people...ask white people any question you wanted to know..."

Andrew Rich via Getty Images

A social media post shared almost 12,000 times by Saturday morning has seen thousands of people asking the often-times hilarious questions they were too afraid to ask - and the responses they get don't hold back.

When a 23 year-old Facebook user, who goes by the name 'Joburger', posed the question, "Ok black people...ask white people one question you always wanted to know," he could never have expected the response.

"How come you can pronounce the hard 'G' in Gert, but not Radebe?" Moposetola Simon Mokhomo asked, blowing the minds of all who had never pronounced the popular surname correctly.

National issues of identity, and aesthetics, finally found a safe space to be unpacked:

"Who told tannie that its cool to put those eyelashes on her Ford Fiesta's headlights?"

Many white people complained when they discovered that they are not being shown the same love when they are sick as black people are:

"Do they also bring you bananas and KFC when you in hospital?"

Public displays of attention are clearly a matter of contention:

"Why do you think it's okay to let your dog kiss you on the lips?"

The mysteries of haircare rituals remain a complex mystery:

"Why do white women go to a salon pay big money only to come out looking the same?"

Office politics:

"Dear White People of Corporate South Africa.

Standard Room Temperature is 23°c.

Can you kindly refrain from setting the Air-conditioner to " uit die BLOW van onse hemel "

Kind Regards

Black South Africans"

The comments go on for hours, but South Africans seem to have decided, at least just for one Facebook post, that our differences can bring us together.