29/10/2017 11:56 SAST | Updated 29/10/2017 11:57 SAST

Danny Jordaan Ignores Further Safa "Sex-pest" Claims

The soccer boss remains tight-lipped despite all the claims.

Reuters Photographer / Reuters
Danny Jordaan

Soccer boss Danny Jordaan might need to speak up about the recent rape allegations laid against him, especially since new evidence has come to light that he failed to act against a high-ranking "sex-pest employee".

A Sunday Times investigation revealed that a senior South African Football Association (Safa) official was accused of sexually propositioning a 22-year-old male intern on two occasions in 2014 while Jordan was president of Safa.

"This guy first promised to take me under his wing and groom me in the industry. [But] he did not want anything to do with me the moment I declined to participate in his sexual needs," the former intern said.

But the senior manager told the Sunday Times this week the allegations were an attempt to smear him ahead of 2018 Safa elections.

"There is nothing wrong with masturbation. If I had forced him to help me then it would have been another story," the manager said.

He also denied that Jordaan was protecting him and, though Jordaan was approached by the newspaper for comment, he did not respond to the text messages.