30/10/2017 13:14 SAST | Updated 30/10/2017 13:14 SAST

'Call Me Daddy' and 'It's Very Tight' -- Words Women Like To Hear During Sex, According To This Survey

And it's not the only interesting thing to come out.

A couple in bed.
Justin Horrocks
A couple in bed.

Women like hearing their partners say: "Call me daddy" and "It's very tight" during sex.

This is according to a recent Australian survey where 5,000 men and women revealed intimate details about their relationships.

Here are our 11 top takeaways from the survey:

1. Lies about the number of ex's

More women lie about the number of ex's they've had, compared to men.

2. Who they've cheated with

Partners are most likely to cheat with their partner's friend, followed by work colleagues.

3. What women like their partners to say during sex

'Call me daddy' and 'it's very tight' are the words women most like to hear from their partners.

4. Kinky things couples enjoy doing together.

Using sex toys and dirty talk are in the top three.

5. Preferred sexual assets

Women prefer a bigger penis, while men prefer a healthy body figure, followed by a big butt.

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6. To dos before sex

Drink alcohol or coffee, preferably.

7. When they're not in the mood for sex:

When they've just visited family, hungover or hungry.

8. What women don't like during sex:

Weird noises from men and a small penis.

9. What men don't like:

A woman who is "too loose" and "makes too much noise " during sex.

10. Weird things people think about during sex:

Work, sport, porn and ex's came out tops.

11. How you know a relationship is coming to an end:

If there is decreased sexual activity, sexual performance problems and no oral sex, then it's a pretty good sign things aren't going too well or will end well.