31/10/2017 17:46 SAST | Updated 31/10/2017 17:46 SAST

IN (GHASTLY) PICTURES: 3 Ghostly Ways Capetonians Celebrate Halloween

From zombie-walking to ghost bus tours...


Capetonians have surely always had a ghastly way of celebrating Halloween. From zombie-walking, ghost-bus tours to "real" ghost sightings -- the worlds of the living and the dead are truly blurred.

It is no different in 2017. Here are three ghastly ways people from the Mother City usher Halloween in:

1. Zombie-walking

The annual event is one of the Mother's City's largest Halloween events. It's like a scene straight out of "The Walking Dead" -- attended by the young and old alike and even our furry four-legged friends. All proceeds go to charity.

Warning: The following images are not for sensitive readers.


Carl Krim photography



2. "Real" ghost sightings

Legend has it that during a raging storm, while en route to Cape Point, the captain of the Flying Dutchman, a ship that went missing at sea in 1641, said: "I shall round this damned Cape, even if I have to sail until Doomsday comes." The waters calmed, but the ship is said to still be sailing up and down, stuck in limbo.

A number of people including sailors and ship passengers have over the years claimed to have seen the ship and heard pleas of the crew over the decades, particularly around Halloween. They say it looks something like this:

Irvine Partners

Irvine Partners

3. Ghost-bus tours

Thrill-seekers take a tour of Cape Town's "spookiest and most haunted" properties -- learning about the Mother City's paranormal past. The tours end spookily after midnight and include a visit to the cemetery.