06/11/2017 12:31 SAST | Updated 06/11/2017 13:21 SAST

Carl Niehaus Dancing Behind Zuma Is What The Doctor Ordered

Yena a ya kwini?

Twitter: @Sentletse

Feeling a little blue this Monday? You're guaranteed to feel a lot better as soon as you see what former ANC spokesperson Carl Niehaus and former finance minister David "Des" van Rooyen got up to this weekend.

The two were supporting President Jacob Zuma ahead of his OR Tambo memorial lecture in Kagiso near Krugersdorp on Sunday, and their dance moves left many in stitches. Some even questioned whether Niehaus was dancing to the same song the president was singing...

And people are not coping.

Loosely translated, the phrase yena a ya kwini, much circulated and memed on social media after Bhuti July's outburst, means where was he/she going?