08/11/2017 12:31 SAST | Updated 08/11/2017 14:52 SAST

Mayine Gin: Proudly Black-Owned –- Let's All Take A Shot!

Get your hands on some craft liquor from these Khayelitsha entrepreneurs.


With the launch this past weekend of their Mayine Premium craft rooibos-and-grape gins, Khayelitsha husband-and-wife team Luvoyo and Nodumo Jongile broke some new ground for black distillers, writes The Independent.

"Our future plans are to keep on creating unique gins by infusing them with different flavours."

Their rooibos gin is infused with honeybush botanicals added after distillation and is described as having an "authentic" flavour.

The grape-based gin is described as "very smooth" and has a slight hint of jasmine and coriander on the palate. Light tones of buchu, rooibos and a hint of citrus can be picked up in the aftertaste.

Luvoyo Jongile said that they aspire to build on these gins and expand their brand: "Our future plans are to keep on creating unique gins, by infusing them with different flavours. Once we are established, we plan on making use of different local herbs for our infusions; for example, "impepho" [incense used as an herb] –– because we want to make something that is authentic and organic; something that describes all African cultures," he said.