08/11/2017 17:09 SAST | Updated 08/11/2017 17:09 SAST

Jean-Marc Johannes Knows Just How To Skate To Success

"I’m proud to have represented South Africa as the only African competitor."


South Africa's first international skateboarding gold-medalist and Guinness World Record skateboarder, Jean-Marc Johannes, has won yet another medal, this time at the FISE World Series.

Johannes went head-to-head with China's Qun Xiang Gao and Sun Sunkunkun to win a silver medal at the competition.

"This was undoubtedly the highest level of finals I've ever competed under, because in almost every other event I can tell where I stand in the finals," he said in a statement.


This was his second international medal, and it makes him South Africa's only skater to step on to an international podium.

"I'm proud to have represented South Africa as the only African competitor; contests such as FISE give me the priceless opportunity to compete with the best skateboarders in the world, and [it] undoubtedly puts my mind in the right place, with the Olympics around the corner," the statement added.


The skateboarder's love for the sport started at the age of 11, and he has since received several accolades –– such as debuting as the first South African on skateboarder Tony Hawk's channel.

Johannes successfully completed the biggest stunt of his career as part of the Red Heart Crew, when he crossed Cape Town's Liesbeek River with three back-to-back tricks.

He is one of three South African skateboarders qualified to compete on the international circuit, where he skates among the top 50 skaters in Europe.

He also has a heart of gold, and runs an initiative called "Fill the Gap", which provides motivational speeches and demos at schools internationally and locally.