11/11/2017 08:39 SAST | Updated 11/11/2017 11:41 SAST

50-Year-Olds Are Getting It On More Than Any Other Age Group in SA

...and other interesting findings from a local sex survey.

An Afro American couple make love on their wedding nightPeople images
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An Afro American couple make love on their wedding nightPeople images

In a country whose population is largely made up of young people, it came as a bit of a surprise that South Africans aged 41 to 50 were having more sex than any other age group in South Africa.

This came out of a sex survey conducted by The Sunday Times recently, in association with local research house Ratepop. At least 2,000 digitally connected South Africans across race, gender, sexual orientation, age and relationship status took part -- and here are our top seven highlights:

1. People in the Western Cape have the most sex, followed by KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

2. Single men and women seem to be sexually unhappy -- with an average score of 5.4 which is below the national average of 6.4.

3. Nearly half of the female respondents, 47,5 percent felt that penis size does not count, but rather how it's used.

4. Of the 43 percent of women who do not think about their partners during sex, 2.9 percent of women admitted to thinking about the ceiling instead.

5. A drought is not having sex for more than a week, said 58.1 percent of men, compared to 39.4 percent of women.

6. Heterosexual black women are not into sex toys, with 74.8 percent saying they do not use sex toys. 43.3 percent of heterosexual white women do not use sex toys.

7. The majority of South Africans, 82.8 percent have never paid for sex. 16.8 percent of men admitted to doing it, out of desperation.

*Ratepop used proprietary chatbot technology, hosted on Facebook Messenger. The research house then aggregrated and analysed the overall results.