10/11/2017 08:16 SAST | Updated 10/11/2017 08:17 SAST

For Better Or For Wors: Skolopad's Sausage Dress Is Just The Best Thing Ever

The memes! "All she wants is to be eaten."


Red carpet hell-raiser Nonhlanhla "Skolopad" Qwabe, who broke the Metro Awards last year for her thigh-revealing outfit, has done it again with a meat dress of her own -- this time created out of traditional South African wors.

The clear plastic dress, which narrowly covered her privates with packets of wors, was topped off with a "clutch" bag made of braai charcoal, accompanied by a partner who seemed to be dressed as a traditional butcher.

The outfit has caused a social media storm, flooding Twitter with a litany of braai-related memes, but also saw many questioning the motives behind her controversial choice. Does her choice of beef, over, say, chicken, have to do with her "beef" with her socialite nemesis Zodwa Wabantu?

In an interview with Jacaranda FM, Skolopad made allusions to the beef between her and some of the nominees.

"I wore it to show that I don't like beef. Wors is easy to braai. And like I have my charcoal, I'm ready to braai after this. The outfit is also to remind people that I am still Queen Skolopad, the original," she said.

Earlier in the year she explained the fight brewing between the two.

"The beef is about to go from mince meat to a new level. Zodwa has made it clear that she has a problem with me, when I didn't have a problem with her. The only difference between her and me is that she has [DJ] Tira. She is like a trailer, always following Tira, while I am a car doing it without anyone's support," she told TshisaLIVE during a sit-down interview.

The internet, understandably, went to town on the memes:

She became the perfect braai ingredient?

And joined the meat dress club.

And then some students got upset because she was wasting wors while they are going hungry.

And speculation was rife about who designed the dress:

Either way, thanks for keeping things interesting Skolopad, you had us at work.