10/11/2017 11:02 SAST | Updated 10/11/2017 11:02 SAST

Teenage Boy Found With A Python In His Pants

The 'significant bulge' aroused German police suspicion.

A super pastel python.
Alan Tunnicliffe Photography via Getty Images
A super pastel python.

After noticing a "considerable bulge" on a 19-year-old man near Frankfurt earlier this week, German police pulled a 35-centimetre king python from his trousers.

The man was involved in an argument and becoming "increasingly aggressive, so he had to be taken into custody", Policeman Alexander Lorenz told the Daily Mail U.K.

He was then arrested for drunken behaviour, at which point his unusual endowment led to the unusual discovery.

'Before being taken into custody, the man was searched," Lorenz added. "The officers noticed a significant bulging [in his] pants. When questioned, he stated that was carrying a snake in his pants."

The man was then taken into custody, while police tried to figure out if he had broken any animal-welfare laws. The snake is with police as they continue searching for its owner, who is believed to be one of the teenager's family members.

Police dumped him in a cell to sober up, while officers tried to work out what could have prompted him to carry the reptile around in his trousers.