14/11/2017 11:16 SAST | Updated 14/11/2017 11:32 SAST

5 WTF Moments From Zuma On ANN7 That Had Us Rolling Our Eyes

If you think the president managed to clarify a few burning issues, think again.

President Jacob Zuma.
Sumaya Hisham / Reuters
President Jacob Zuma.

President Jacob Zuma was poisoned; foreign forces are trying to weaken the ANC; state capture is political propaganda and former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela's State of Capture Report was released for political reasons.

These are some of the answers Zuma gave to ANN7 talk show host Sifiso Mahlangu during an interview with the formerly Gupta-owned broadcaster on Monday evening.

The president has been media-shy since allegations of what is now known as state capture were made against him last year, most of which focused around his alleged corrupt relationship with the Gupta family and their associates.

These are some of the eyebrow-raising statements he made on the show:

  1. "I was poisoned... Some people wanted me dead. Indeed, it was quite a strong poison and I did go through quite a challenging time."

  1. "There are some countries, for their own global policies and interests, that do look at some leaders in Africa as their enemies -- and I'm one of those. It is an accepted thing, or a known thing that if they want to undermine a country, they use the citizens of those countries... They would also want to choose the people they would want to lead the country... people they might actually control. That is a general thing in Africa, it is not a secret... But the ANC has been too strong... they have been wishing that the ANC could disappear. They have been trying every method to weaken the ANC... there are forces that are always there."

  1. "The State is made of three pillars, the executive, legislature and judiciary. If you loosely put this term as state capture, you are saying executive, legislature and judiciary are captured... it is the wrong meaning of what people are saying."

  1. "But they do this for political reasons... there is no Parliament that is captured, there is no executive that is captured... State capture is political propaganda, instead of singling out those who are captured.

  1. On Madonsela's State of Capture report, Zuma said: "Many people were still waiting to be in interviewed so that they can clarify their positions... I think there was a political reason so that this report can be used to deal with a number of people."