14/11/2017 13:32 SAST | Updated 14/11/2017 13:32 SAST

Mona Monyane's 7 Hilarious Tips For Born-Frees When Visiting Grandma's House This Festive Season

Leave the accent in the burbs!

Mona Monyane/Istagram

Actress and theatre director Mona Monyane is not one to hold back on social media and her series of Instagram videos prove it. We found her latest video about the upcoming festive season not only hilarious but true and necessary.

The "Kalushi" and former "Muvhango" star offered born-frees a guide on how to ace the visit to grandma's house this festive season.

So, listen up, born-frees, in Monyane's words:

1. Always use the kitchen door when entering the house.

The main entrance is for special guests and you're not a special guest.

2. When making tea for your grandmother, always use a saucer with a slight curve.

This is so she can pour the tea into the saucer and drink from there.

3. Never sleep past 6am.

Wake up and go sweep the front yard. Even better, if there's sand in the front yard, out some streaks on there -- it's gotta look sexy.

4. Prepare for 150-million times trips to the shops.

Even in this heat. But don't have heat stroke.

5. The room divider is off-limits.

Unless you want to die a very young death, do not touch anything in the room divider, ever.

6. A basic technique for the stoep: Wax on, Wax off.

Make sure it sparkles and shines.

7. The accent or twang? Leave them in Sandton, she's not going to understand what you're saying.

Monyane recently announced that she would be taking a break from posting her usual video updates to prepare for the birth of her second baby, who's due soon.

Here's how she bowed out, for now.