14/11/2017 14:32 SAST | Updated 14/11/2017 14:32 SAST

SA-Designed Container Unit Offers Luxurious Off-Grid Housing For R150K

The mobile home comes complete with a TV, fold-down double bed and a granite kitchenette.

Architecture For A Change / Facebook

A South African architecture firm working "with a social conscience" has brought its off-the-grid container home to the market -- a fully operational solar mobile home which costs around R150,000.

The fully outfitted container unit includes a fully insulated container, granite kitchenette, gas stove, bar fridge, toilet, bath, gas geyser, gas bottle, aluminium window and door frames, fold-down double bed (including mattress), TV, solar system for lights and built-in cupboards.

The top-spec unit is selling for R185,000, as is, excluding delivery, and a lower spec unit for R155,000 -- a high price, the group called Architecture For A Change (A4AC) says, but it hopes the units will become cheaper as demand increases.

"Its not as cheap as people would except, but mobility comes at a price," A4AC told HuffPost SA on Tuesday.

The challenges of land ownership also drove the design of the unit, which doesn't need to be connected to any major services.

"Many people have the resources to own a structure, but don't have a title deed. It then becomes a risk to erect a fixed structure. A mobile structure can easily be relocated to a new location if needed. The unit can also be a good solution for an AirB&B. It's the price of a car, but unlike a vehicle, the unit can generate a good extra income and pay itself off," they said.

The firm's innovative approach to shipping container designs has seen it working throughout Africa, where it has designed shipping-container churches, restaurants and even veterinary hospitals.

Question is, would you live in a mobile container unit?