21/11/2017 07:54 SAST | Updated 21/11/2017 07:54 SAST

Dear 2017: We're Done, So Can We Please Leave These Things Behind?

Hoerism. Fake friends. Being broke.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

South African Twitter has spoken: we're done with 2017, and we want to leave some things behind: let's be rid of Mugabe, Trump, Zuma, f*ckboys, ''hoerism", fake friends, and being broke!

This is according to the #101ThingsToBeLeftIn2017 hashtag, that was still trending on Tuesday morning.

We're done with cheaters, and "hoerism" in general.

Being broke, obviously.

Being told you're gaining weight. Like, we all know.

Data must definitely still fall.

Bad Twitter-ers.

We're done with Robert Mugabe, Donald Trump, Jacob Zuma, and the nuclear plan!

There are clearly some fashion trends that need to die.

Don't call people "yellowbones," it's not funny, and never was.

Bad men.

Tired, outdated stereotypes.

Ever seeing this flag again.

Workplace abuse.

But, from what we can see, we all just want to be loved better.