21/11/2017 15:01 SAST | Updated 21/11/2017 15:15 SAST

Why Losing 'Idols' May Have Hit Mthokozisi Ndaba Especially Hard

"This could be a complex trauma case," a psychologist explains.


"Idols SA" runner-up Mthokozisi Ndaba may be having a particularly hard time with his defeat because he's lost a significant number of loved ones and been exposed to trauma before, a psychologist has observed.

Ndaba ended second in the 2017 season of the singing competition, with Paxton Fielies, a 17-year-old from Cape Town, emerging as the winner. Since then it has been revealed that Mthokozisi is "not in a good space".

"Mthokozisi has requested to be given time to come to terms with the result of the 'Idols' show. He will indicate when he is ready to speak to the media," M-Net PR head Nondumiso Mabece told Tshisa Live.

Ndaba lost his parents in his teens, as well as two infant sons since. A number of his other relatives also died in the recent past. Additionally, shortly after his "Idols" audition, Mthokozisi was shot in both his legs during a robbery at his home in KwaMashu in KwaZulu-Natal.

One has to understand how he might deal with the Idols defeat by considering the particular challenges the 25-year-old has been through, clinical psychologist Zamo Mbele told HuffPost SA.

"One firstly has to ask if he had enough time to reflect on his past losses," said Mbele.

The "Idols" defeat could have brought up other losses and possibly been the culmination of many losses not dealt with, Mbele pointed out.

"This could be a complex trauma case," Mbele said, recommending that Mthokozisi immediately receive professional help.

"Every loss moving forward will trigger the past ones."

Meanwhile, on Monday, Mthokozisi thanked his fans for their support and revealed he is now fully Team Paxton: