28/11/2017 14:25 SAST | Updated 28/11/2017 14:33 SAST

Africa's 'Post-Truth' In Focus At LagosPhoto 2017

Africa's biggest art event just opened to the public.

An image shot by French-Senegalese photographer Alun[Be] that has been included in the 2017 LagosPhoto Festival.

Can a photograph depict truth? Does the truth even matter in a time of "post-truth" truths? These important questions are at the heart of the 2017 edition of Nigeria's LagosPhoto Festival.

The eighth edition of the festival opened last week, and runs through to December 15. It sees responses from photographers from around the globe to this year's theme: Regimes of Truth.

"It's really looking at the way photography, the media and artists explore these notions of what is true and what is real," Azu Nwagbogu, the festival's founder and director, told the New York Times.

"Photography was founded on the science of observation, and it has always flattered itself to be a representative or an arbiter of truth. In contemporary society, we now know that an image can be very deceptive, and it can be propaganda. But at the same time we understand that visual language is becoming more decipherable by many more people, and that's one of the reasons why I feel Africa is getting a lot of attention, mainly because of photography," she says.

The festival is debuting new works such as Cristina de Middel's "Unknown Soldier". South Africans who are exhibiting include Tsoku Maela and Jody Brand.

Check out some of the highlights in the slideshow below.

LagosPhoto 2017