28/11/2017 18:10 SAST | Updated 30/11/2017 08:02 SAST

Both Serena And Meghan Are 36 -- Don't Let Anyone Pressure You

36 and winning.


Women in their 30s really seem to be winning at this life thing.

The recent announcement of American actress Meghan Markle's (36) engagement to Prince Harry, and the recent wedding of tennis superstar Serena Williams (36), to Reddit's Alexis Ohanian, have turned us into "36 is the new 26" believers.

Serena and Meghan probably couldn't have imagined how -- merely by living their lives and falling in love -- they've encouraged many women in their 30s who are hopeful for love but who may have been concerned that time is running out.

Marrying and starting a family in your 30s may be a good thing for these 6 reasons:

1. You have a better sense of who you are

You know what you like and what you don't like. You don't have to pretend to like red velvet cake when you are not even a cake person.

2. You are clearer about what you want in a partner

You have a better sense of what you like in a partner than you probably did in your 20s -- so you can quickly see if it's worth pursuing. Consequently, your patience fuse for sh*t might be very short because you know what you want.

3. You are sexually confident

Yes, we said it. That's if you've been sexually active. You know what you prefer and what you don't like in bed and are probably bold enough to communicate that.

4. You're able to follow your heart

Some women who married particularly young will tell you that they had to suspend personal dreams because the agreed-upon immediate goal was to start a family and they couldn't do or afford to do both. Not so if you've already got a career.

5. You are financially healthy

Financial health can give you confidence in approaching a new relationship -- knowing you are getting into it for reasons other than money.

6. You can wed however you wantto

You don't have to be bogged down by traditional wedding trends. You can have a destination wedding, and your friends can probably afford it too. You can wear red, pink or black. You are probably even in a financially healthier position should you and yours want a big lavish wedding.