28/11/2017 09:44 SAST | Updated 28/11/2017 09:45 SAST

SA's New Police Commissioner: I Will Not Be A Political Tool

General Khehla John Sitole says he is staying out of it.


In one of his first public interviews since being appointed National Police Commissioner, General Khehla John Sitole said he will not play any political roles in his new position.

Speaking on 702's Stephen Grootes show, Sitole said: "The [police] service is not a political organisation. It is a policing organisation, and so I will not play a political role. That role is defined for the minister, who works together with me.

"I am going to play a leadership role, and command the police service, but, policing itself is a subject that focuses on the safety of the country, and clears society of criminals, but I have no role in politics. I have a political executive who will do that."

At his swearing-in ceremony on Monday the commissioner said his mandate was to ensure that economic growth was allowed to take place undisturbed.

"I have a strong belief that, if there was economic stability, there would be no need for our communities to commit crime. Economic stability leads to social stability," he said.