30/11/2017 14:30 SAST | Updated 30/11/2017 16:01 SAST

AKA Not Interested In MTV Base's List Of 2017's Hottest MCs

"Don't put me on your f*@king list."

Rapper AKA.
Blaq_smith via AKA/Instagram
Rapper AKA.

Rapper AKA has refused to be included in the annual MTV Base "Hottest MCs" list for 2017, saying he does not want to be part of any measuring scale.

The list is due for release on November 29 / December 1, and will be broadcast on the channel (DStv Ch. 332) at 6pm.

AKA said the channel should not include him on the list until they decide to put him in the number-one spot.

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But even then, he said, he still wouldn't be interested.

"Even when you put me at number one, I am not coming," he told the channel in an interview.

The winner is decided by a panel of industry experts.

AKA said he's been the hardest-working artist in the industry -- "for like a million years, to be precise".

"I have put out countless classic records. I am the biggest and brightest star, and I have never been number one on the list," he said.

Watch his take on the list here:

This year's panel consists of Slikour, DJ Speedsta, Caron Williams, Fred Kayembe, Thabiso Khati and iFani -- each of them tasked with compiling individual lists, which are then combined to form one list, which is debated on the show.

Hip hop fans have taken to social media to reveal how their lists would look, if they were on the panel:

To MTV Base, in short, AKA has said: