30/11/2017 10:42 SAST | Updated 30/11/2017 11:30 SAST

People Vs Patriarchy: 'Discipline Your Wives... A Good Spanking Won't Kill Them'

MTV Africa's 'The People Vs Patriarchy' documentary exposes the depth of male entitlement and the extent of the problem.

MTV Africa

Everyone is talking about MTV Africa's documentary, The People Vs Patriarchy, after it premiered on Wednesday.

Directed by Lebongang Rasethaba, the doccie unpacks patriarchy's impact on the daily lives of South Africans, exploring the #Menaretrash hashtag and gender-based violence.

As MTV Africa's preview clip showed from the first frames, some men really do think women are second-class citizens who belong under their thumbs. "Never hesitate to discipline your wives... a good spanking won't kill them," says the man being interviewed.

Judging by the conversation on social media, the film hit a nerve for many South Africans. Three top themes tended to crop up regularly in the conversation:

1. Flat-out denial is the go-to for many

2. Internalised misogyny reinforces the problem

3. People suggest different mechanisms to effect change

Here is the trailer:

The documentary's repeats are scheduled for the first week of December.