02/12/2017 14:29 SAST | Updated 02/12/2017 14:29 SAST

Best Of The Blogs, December 2: Top Reads You Shouldn't Miss

These are the top blogs from the week that was.

1. Cape Town's Forgotten Tunnels Could Be The Answer To Its Drought

Despite its proximity to Table Mountain, a historic source of water, Cape Town is severely water-stressed. But beneath the city's surface, clean water rushes away, hidden and unused, through drains and sewers and out into the ocean. Caron Von Zeil, founder of the nonprofit Reclaim Camissa project, says reclaiming these waterways is paramount. Read more.

2. ANC's December Conference: Musical Chairs On A Sinking Ship

Only internal insurrection can save the ANC from loss of power in 2019, writes JJ Tabane. Are there any who can pass through the eye of the needle and be brave enough to take on the challenge of leading a new revolt within the ANC? Read more.

Marc Davies

3. Lynne Brown: Another Captured Minister?

The full extent of the rot in Eskom is being exposed, and Minister Lynne Brown's denials in response to the parliamentary inquiry into state capture are hardly believable, argues Jeanette Buis. Critical observers might conclude that Brown is not only less-than-independent, but captured. Read More.

4. Your LGBT Kid And You: Advice For Parents

Your child has come out to you –– and you're oscillating between feelings of shock, concern, or maybe even shame and failure as a parent. How can you deal with these feelings honestly and still react in a way that will be best for you and your child? These tips could be in both of your best interests. Read more.

5. Chris Barnard: How A Historic Heart Transplant Created A Celebrity Scientist 50 Years Ago

The historic first human heart transplant (50 years ago) demonstrated the power of mass media to transform a scientist into a global icon. It highlighted how public visibility can offer some scientists a path to influence and power, but also illustrated that scientific celebrity comes with considerable risk to a pioneer's reputation and personal life, writes Marina Joubert, science communication researcher at Stellenbosch University. Read more.

Heart Of Cape Town Museum

6. Four South African Futures: Where To After The ANC Conference?

The ANC's elective conference will be a key moment along the path to a hard-to-picture future, it has been argued, but will not on its own predetermine the shape of things to come. There are already four scenarios for the future of South Africa in play, but none is a given. Read more.