01/12/2017 10:58 SAST | Updated 01/12/2017 17:48 SAST

#KeDezemberBoss: Social Media's Amusing Dos And Don'ts

"First of all, blessers go home –– your kids are waiting."

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Happy December! As 13th cheques come in, holiday plans get finalised and schools close, we all look forward to some uninterrupted rest from the year's labour.

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But before you go, as with many other things in life, there are dos and don'ts for the silly season. It's called the silly season for a reason.

Social media stars Lasizwe Dambuza and Lebohang Tlokana, a.k.a The Funny Chef, shared survival tips online.

In his video, Lasizwe warns people who plan to be unfaithful in December to be smart about it.

"If you're going to cheat, be smart about it -- otherwise they will catch you out. Remember all the lies you tell and be in tune with your friends, so they can cover for you. Condomise -- safety comes first. And don't catch feelings," he advises.

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Watch his video here:

According to The Funny Chef, all blessers must go home this December.

"All blessers, please go home to your children. They are waiting on you for Christmas clothes," she says in her video.

Watch her here:

And if you had plans to be like this in December:

...you're not alone. Comedian and radio personality DJ Khathu:

Known for his annual advice during the holidays, vlogger Karabo Swaisa also dropped some pearls of wisdom:

Happy December!