01/12/2017 09:54 SAST | Updated 01/12/2017 09:54 SAST

New Electronic Armbands At Rage Festival Should Put Parents At Ease

An attendee's personal identifying details -- which include medical information, parental contact details will be synced with their armbands.


If you're a parent to a matriculant who will be attending the annual Rage Festival in Durban, don't despair because your child's security is covered, right down to the smallest detail.

For the first time this year, each Rager will receive a Howler armband that will not only act as a virtual wallet, but also as a personal information source.

An attendee's personal details -- which include medical information and parental contact details -- will be synced with their armbands.

When Ragers receive their armbands, their profiles are linked with their prepurchased Rage passports.

"These armbands now capture parents' personal information, which organisers can access easily if there's a problem. We want to give mum and dad peace of mind. If something goes wrong, they will know immediately," said Shai Evian, Howler's CEO.

Students will also be able to be located through the armbands.

The technology was tested at last year's festival and, owing to its success, will now be rolled out throughout the entire festival.

In recent years, the week-long day-and-night festival has seen over 30,000 students attend, which makes it even more important to have a safe and secure environment for matriculants celebrating the end of their schooling careers, pointed out Howler.

The armbands will also function as their tickets, giving them access to the main venue, over six clubs and four hotels and will give them cashless access to 100 taxis and an array of restaurants and other service providers.

The popular festival will run from December 2 to December 9.