30/11/2017 21:51 SAST

Three Dogs Go On A Grand Adventure And Get Stuck In A Storm Drain

Don’t act like it’s never happened to you!

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
A good boy poses for his mug shot.

Three dogs with lofty ambitions for a grand adventure a la “Homeward Bound” saw their trip cut short when they got stuck in a storm drain.

The pooches ― all mastiffs ― escaped their owner’s yard in Golden, Colorado, on Thursday with apparently grand ideas about the world beyond.

“They were enjoying a little bit of freedom after they escaped from their yard,” the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said in a tweet.

But they didn’t even make it past the county line. Their freedom ended quickly when they saw a culvert, ventured in and found themselves trapped underground. West Metro Fire Rescue got the dogs out and returned them safely to their owners. 

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
Rescue workers instruct two mastiffs to come out one at a time.

In response to HuffPost’s question, the sheriff’s office said it would first need to get the owner’s permission to release the dogs’ identities, but assured us “they’re adorable names.”