08/12/2017 06:17 SAST | Updated 08/12/2017 08:48 SAST

5 Weird Fuel-Saving Tips You May Not Have Heard About

Taking the December fuel hike in your stride...

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The fuel-price increase on Wednesday may have put a damper on some festive spirits, but there may be ways to bring back a hint of festive cheer.

It turns out you can save on fuel by parking in the shade –– and some other weird things.

AutoTrader CEOGeorge Mienie shared these five tips with HuffPost:

1. Park in the shade

Parking in the sun all day will cause fuel evaporation. Find shade to save yourself precious drops.

2. Sweat it out

To lower your fuel consumption, you have to embrace the heat (literally). You get the lowest fuel consumption driving with the windows up and the airconditioner off. Sheesh.

3. Halve your tank

There's no shame in filling your tank halfway by spending just a few hundred bucks, especially if you mostly drive in the city. A half-filled tank is lighter, and therefore more economical on fuel. Every millilitre helps!

4. Lose the wedges

Heavy shoes makes it hard to feel the accelerator under your foot, so they often cause over-revving. Put thinner soles to the pedal and keep the revs under 2,500rpm.

5. Lean and mean

Ditch those roof racks, close the sun roof and pump your tyres to the recommended level. Any extra weight or unnecessary drag on your car –– from air or road friction –– will cost you.